How To Use A Credit Card


Sounds obvious? Give it to the store clerk and punch in your pin number, or type the credit card number in at online checkout. No, we’re talking about how to use a credit card in order to help benefit you without the risk of damage.

Too many people are scared of credit cards but in the modern world, we don’t think a credit card is optional anymore, even if it’s not the actual credit that you need. We explain why everybody should have a credit card here.

Set Up A Direct Debit When You Get The Card

This is not optional. Set up a direct debit as soon as you get the credit card so that your bills will be paid automatically. It doesn’t matter how organised and anal you are about paying bills on time, sometimes, if you go through an extremely busy period in life and stress starts to get to you, you will miss a payment, which will cost you money and smash the impeccable credit rating you’ve been working so hard for.

Set up a direct debit. Just do it.

Get The Mobile App For Your Credit Card

The second most common complaint about credit cards is that “you can’t see what you’re spending”. And it is natural to be concerned about over-spending money that isn’t actually yours.

Well, nowadays there’s an app for that. You can see on your smart phone exactly how much you’ve spent, so you know at any given time if you’ll be able to cover the bill or not.

Treat Your Credit Card Like Your Debit Card

Don’t spend more than you’ve got. It really is that simple. Aim to pay your bill in full every month. MoneyBlog does not promote credit card debt. Personal credit card debt is a bad thing and should be avoided at all costs.


If you stick to these three rules with your credit card, you can get all the benefits of using a credit card without any of the pain.