How To Make Money From YouTube


We’ve all heard of YouTubers by now. But how much money do they really make and how easy is it to become a professional YouTube star?

The Four Major Ways To Make Money From YouTube

YouTube Advertising

You may have watched YouTube videos where before the video plays, you have to watch 15 seconds of a trailer. Well, the user that uploaded the video that you want to watch is getting paid a small royalty for showing you that ad. With enough views, even pennies add up to millions. So making money from YouTube ads is absolutely a volume game.

But it’s not that easy anymore… You need to meet some basic criteria before YouTube will allow you to monetise your account in this way.

You need 240 000 view minutes in the last 12 months and a minimum of 1000 subscribers. This can seem like a lot to prospective YouTubers who are just getting started, but considering that once you have a successful video, it gets views day in day out no matter what else you are doing, as long as you leave the video online and public.

Start A Review Channel

This seems to work more easily. If you have a hobby or a subject that you’re very passionate about and others are too, you can start a channel on which you review products and services that are related to that subject. Since the advent of Web 2.0, the online review seems to have become the ultimate direction for nervous shoppers looking to buy things but looking for some sort of quality assurance guarantee.

Whatever your subject matter, you probably already have a bunch of related products in your house than you can start by reviewing. Once you’ve done a few, contact manufacturers and tell them you will review their products on your channel if the manufacturer can send you them. You get to keep all the stuff. It’s not money. But if you don’t want it, you could convert it into money using a website you may have heard of called eBay.

Video Sponsorship

This can be difficult, but nonetheless, it works for some.

Once your channel has been running for a while and you’ve got a few thousand views, take a look at your channel analytics and see who is watching your videos. Google knows almost too much about the people who are watching your content and they share all of this with you.

Can you think of a company that might want to get in front of these people? Contact them and ask them. They may sponsor your videos, or more likely, send you free product.

Back End Profits

Video, and therefore inherently YouTube, is a great medium for being real with your audience. They get to see you on their screen. They get a much better feel for who you really are. And that’s very powerful for building trust and familiarity.

If you have a business already, your YouTube audience is far more likely to trust you enough to buy from you than cold customers finding you from a Google search.

This is a slow burn method. Nobody went on YouTube to be sold to. So don’t ever do a hard sell in a YouTube video.

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