The Student Card Hack: How To Get Student Discounts Without Being A Student

TOTUM NUSextra Student Card

Student cards are wonderful things. Recently rebranding as TOTUM, a student card is a small pink discount goldmine.

But if your university days are far behind you, how can you get one? And hang on a minute, this sounds a bit dodgy.

eLearning my friend. And it’s completely legitimate.

There are countless online learning academies now that offer a student card with enrolment.

You can sometimes find deals on Groupon for these too.

Head over and enrol on the cheapest course available. You don’t ever have to show up.

Then you’ll have to pay £36 for the actual TOTUM card.

Once that comes, it’s valid for a few years and you can proudly show it anywhere you go and get a discount on your bill.