eToro Social Trading Platform: Good or Bad?


One of the problems I face in my quest to get regular people to invest more, is the question I’m often asked by budding beginners, “How can I get started?” I respond to their question with another question, “How much do you have to invest?” The answer is almost always too low. £100. £200. £500.

But eToro has changed the game. While one to five hundred pounds is not enough to get started in the equity markets, on eToro, you can invest a small amount and still hope to make money.

Secondly, eToro takes all the know-how out of it.

What if you could copy successful investors? With eToro, you can!

And that’s only one side of it. If you know what you’re doing, and can consistently generate returns, wouldn’t it be great if other people would give you their money to manage? And you could take a cut for growing their money for them? With eToro, you can!

At MoneyBlog, we’re very excited about eToro!

It also allows us to easily diversify our investments in areas we wouldn’t normally get involved by outsourcing funds to people who know what they’re doing, all over the globe.

But how can you trust random strangers with your money? Well… eToro tracks their performance and grades the risk of their behaviour. So before you copy somebody, you can see on a monthly basis how well they’ve performed. You can see how consistent their returns are and their overall annualised performance.

And how do you copy them? You simply click a button marked ‘copy’ and the system does the rest.