MoneyBlog: Building A Richer World ™

MoneyBlog was launched because we felt good personal financial advice was hard to come by. The finance industry is fraught with intimidating jargon. There’s a good reason for a lot of it, but it also serves to alienate regular people.

Getting Rich Isn’t Rocket Science…

We set up MoneyBlog to make personal finance simple. To teach elite personal finance skills, tips, tricks and techniques to everybody.

Our aim is to build the ultimate personal finance resource such that anybody in any financial situation can visit our website and learn everything they need to know to attain financial freedom.

How Anybody Can Get Rich

You don’t need to invent an app or even have a great idea in order to get rich. All you need to do is understand money and apply a few strategies and techniques to your finances. Really? Surely anybody could do that?

Yes! Hence the title!

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