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Air Miles Credit Cards

You earn Air Miles for every pound spent on the card. These can be converted to discounts on airline flights. These cards carry high interest rates. Late payments will eat any benefits.

Best Air Miles Credit Cards

British Airways American Express Card

While these aren’t quite as good as they used to be, they’re still the best available. You get 1 Avios point (British Airways’ name for an Air Mile) for every £1 you spend. And if you spend more than £20,000 on the card in a calendar year, you get a 2-for-1 companion voucher, however British Airways have recently tightened the rules on how these can be used. It still works out cheaper than paying for the second flight, but it’s NOT exactly 2-for-1 anymore.

American Express Gold Card

This is our second choice of card. There’s no 2-for-1 voucher as with British Airways, but you have a lot more flexibility with airlines. You can send the American Express reward points to any of a number of frequent flier programs. For Virgin Atlantic, using this card works out better than Virgin Money’s OWN credit card. This card does carry a £195 annual fee, but is free for the first year. So cancel it before the year expires.

Zero Interest Credit Cards

These are kind of like a personal loan and the zero interest element is usually a promotion offer that’s valid for a period of time after you register the card. For example 90 days. So wait until you foresee a big spend before applying.

The idea is then to spend the credit limit, or as much as you need to, in the promotional 90 day period. This balance now attracts no interest at all for the duration of the ‘zero percent for’ period, typically 12-36 months. But you NEED to pay the balance off in full before the ‘zero percent for’ period ends, or you’ll be charged interest.