I’m 25 And I Haven’t Started Saving Or Investing Yet – Is It Too Late?


This week’s question comes to us from Rizwan in Dewsbury:

“I’m 25 and I haven’t started saving or investing yet. Is it too late?”

We chose Rizwan’s question this week because it touches on a really important subject – when you should you start saving and investing for the future? And when is it too late?

First of all Rizwan, I want to congratulate you for thinking about this. While you may be feeling like it’s too late, it’s not. Just coming out of university etc and in your first job, you may be FEELING old. But the truth is that you’re still really young. You have your whole life ahead of you! And most young people are too busy living in the now to be thinking about their future. So well done!

The Best Time To Start Saving And Investing Is NOW

How ever old you are, the best time to start saving and investing is now. Having had a conversation about this in the office, we discovered that one of our greatest financial regrets as a team is not starting to invest as soon as we could have done. Because, you know, young people like to spend a lot on gadgets and nights out. And there’s nothing exactly wrong with that – reckless abandon is what being young is all about! But we all think we bought too much useless crap and could have saved more.

Start With Regular Savings

We recommend saving every month as soon as you get paid, as much as you think you can afford to spare. Most savers save at the end of the month whatever they have left. We recommend saving a pre-decided amount on the day you get paid and putting it into an instant access savings account until you can decide what to do with it. You can then spend the rest of your wage totally guilt free.


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